Are you looking to start an affiliate business but unsure of its relevance and suitability at this time? Here is the neutral assessment of the industry and why it’s still a trending option especially with a Cashback Coupon Business.

Affiliate marketing – A simple way to make money online

As you know, affiliate marketing is among low hanging fruit anyone can get. It’s due to the following reason has been the choice of the business among other options:

1. No / low capital requirement

You can get started with literally nothing as a tangible investment to nominal to get early traction easily. No other business option has this key differentiator.

2. Easy to learn and expertise

Even if you’re from a non-tech, software industry individual or company, you can think of starting an affiliate business and yet it would be relatively less effort seeking to grip on it. Today, the most successful affiliate marketers are from the non-tech background.

3. Work from home

No physical office, shop, or inventory is required that needs you to move the resources and arrange things. It’s all online without any one-on-one meeting.

4. Almost zero risks, liability

Since you’re promoting products from authentic sources, your users refer your links to make shopping from those portals, and in case of any issue with products/services they get in touch with the portal, leaving no liability or risk on you. There are many such reasons the Cashback affiliate marketing is the choice of the start-up even in the year 2020.

In affiliate marketing, there are various modes one can pursue as a business. However, the most effective among all has been the coupon cashback portal. Earn with Pay per sale model. Your earning is when a user purchases any product or service from your affiliate merchant partner, that makes the win-win situation.

In a typical affiliate marketing model, you keep 100% of those earnings with you, leaving the user to avail of the service/product from the referred merchant without any rebate.

Reward users with a cut from your commission and earning in the form the cashback


The above point shows that people will be loyal to your portal for all their shopping and make sure to route the transaction via your links.

Now, this impacts your earning, however, it’s being compensated for the repeat transactions from the same users, thus making it not just profitable, but sustainable.

– Cashback on top of the coupons

Offer cashback on top of the coupons, deals, and offers already available in the stores. This way, you’re providing a unique value proposition to your users making it sustainable.

– Tap in Start-up e-commerce portals affiliate programs

More often than not, all cashback website start-up makes a mistake of targeting audiences from top tier merchants, leaving them struggling continuously.

This is the wrong strategy when you’re starting an affiliate business in the year 2020 and targeting the merchants who existed for more than decades. Most of the keywords are already ranked for other cashback portals who have better domain authority.

Hence, create a strategy to promote top merchants, but the focus must on start-up e-Commerce platforms who’re looking for a scale. Also, ready to pay a decent commission with cashback offers.

– Negotiate better commission rates

When you show traction for a merchant, you can negotiate for better commission rates or unique/exclusive campaigns from the merchant to offer the highest cashback for that merchant and exclusive deals.

One of our cashback portal customers contacted for the app install campaign and negotiated the rate of Rs. 250 per install + first purchase. They were able to generate a few thousand sales in a single day due to an exclusive campaign coupled with social media promotion.


The affiliate industry is here to stay, not only until 2020 but far beyond due to its favorable model.

The cashback industry is always going to be a leader among various modes of affiliate marketing due to its unique business model of rewarding all involved stakeholders.

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