Wouldn’t it be great to find the best Affiliate Networks that are trustworthy and offer you high commission within time?

No shortage of an overwhelming list of tons of affiliate networks but how will you find out which are the best affiliate networks for you?

Let’s dive into it.

How we’re going to do? I am going to list out the Popular global affiliate networks in 2020 based on recommendations and performance. If you are interested in earning passive income through affiliate networks, you’ve come to the right place.

Some of you might be new to these affiliate networks and platforms, let’s start with some basics.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks are like the agents between “Merchants” who are responsible for creating products, services, and offering affiliate programs and “Publishers” (affiliate entrepreneurs or marketers) who sell those products and services.

– The networks provide different types of services to merchants. For example, Payment, Refund process, Affiliate management, tracking, and more.

– Affiliate networks help publishers to keep the inventory, give access to different affiliate programs, necessary tools, etc.

Top best Affiliate Networks in 2020

 1. Commission Junction
2. LinkShare (Rakuten)
3. ShareASale
4. VigLink
5. Impact(Radius)
6. Pepperjam
7. LinkConnector
8. Awin
9. Admitad
10. Avantlink
11. BrandReward
12. SkimLinks
13. FlexOffer
14. Optimise Media Group
15. VCommission
16. Cuelinks
17. ClickOnik
18. iCubesWire
19. Flipkart Affiliate
20. 2GudAffiliate
21. Tradedoubler
23. Affonix
24. Affoy
25. Medlife
26. Optimidea
27. Tradetracker
28. vNative

Top Affiliate Networks in the United States and Europe

1. Commission Junction
2. LinkShare
3. ShareASale
4. VigLink
5. Impact ( Radius)
6. Pepperjam
7. LinkConnector
8. Avantlink
9. SkimLinks

Top Affiliate Networks in India

1. Awin
2. Admitad
3. BrandReward
4. Optimise Media Group
5. VCommission
6. Cuelinks
7. ClickOnik
8. iCubesWire
9. Flipkart Affiliate
10.2Gud Affiliate

1.  Commission Junction

Commission Junction ( CJ ) was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1998. CJ is having 20+ years of experience and very trusted & the biggest player in affiliate marketing. It also provides the CJ Affiliate Program. Likewise, you can free sign up there and get started with CJ Affiliate.

commission junction

Create a publisher account with CJ Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the CJ affiliate. Likewise, Complete your profile to get approval and start with the CJ affiliate program.


Quick View:

Niche Products: Retail, Software, Physical and Digital Projects.

Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Check (NO PayPal).

Minimum Payout: $50 Direct Deposit, $100 Check.

2. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten Marketing (formerly LinkShare) is one of the biggest and an old Affiliate Network. It was founded in 1996, New York, United States. In 2014, Rakuten LinkShare was rebranded as a Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Rakuten is claimed to be the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network. However, this network is smaller than some of its competitors (only around “1000” merchants). Also, they also have some big merchants like Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Papa Johns.

rakuten affiliate networks

Create a publisher account with Rakuten Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Rakuten affiliate. Likewise, Complete your profile to get approval. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Retail goods and products.

Payment Method: Paypal, Direct Deposit, Check.

Minimum Payout: 50 USD.

3.  ShareASale

It is the biggest Affiliate Network in terms of the number of advertisers in the USA. ShareASale is working since the year 2000 and it was acquired by AWIN in 2017. The main reason behind acquiring ShareASale to provide international opportunities to domestic advertisers and publishers.

ShareASale is known for its transparency, efficiency, and honesty. In addition, ShareAsale has almost 4000 merchant programs on its platform. Also, It has over 700,000 affiliates and most of them say they are a member of the network.


Create a publisher account with ShareASale Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the ShareASale affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: Home, Garden, Fashion, Business, physical products. A bit of everything.

Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Check.

Minimum Payout: 50 USD.

4.  VigLink

VigLink affiliate network works for publishers, forums, and bloggers. They are expertise in text marketing and marketing. It was founded by Oliver Roup in March 2009.

VigLink Affiliate programs are specifically designed for bloggers and their technology scans the page and connects the keyword with a product from an affiliate program. When a reader clicks a link in the content to buy or learn more about products the publisher gets paid. Therefore, Viglink is basically for those publishers who want to focus on content instead of managing affiliate links.


Create a publisher account with VigLink Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the VigLink affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: Physical, Digital, and all Trending Products.

Payment Method: Check and ACH ( For the USA only ), Wire transfer, PayPal

Minimum Payout: 10 USD PayPal, 50 USD for others.

5.  Impact (Radius)

Impact Radius is a Digital Advertising and Marketing Company. In 2008, it was founded by the people behind Commission Junction, savings.com and LeadPoint.

Impact Radius is known for making a SaaS technology platform for performance marketing professionals. It provides different solutions as tracking, attribution, tag management, mobile, and inbound call tracking services. In other words, Impact Radius can be a great choice for Enterprise solutions.


Create a publisher account with Impact Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Impact Radius affiliate. Likewise, Complete your profile to get approval. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Retail goods and Products.

Payment Method:  ACH (free), check (5 USD), an international bank transfer.

Minimum Payout: 25 USD,  50 USD checks, and 100 USD International Bank transfer.

6.  Pepperjam

Pepperjam is an Affiliate Marketing solution provider. It was founded in 1999 as a digital marketing provider but started an affiliate network in 2015.

Pepperjam is new as an affiliate network but with 1500 advertisers and 200,000 publishers on their networks, they are establishing a good bridge between them. Above all, they are on a different high-level for their transparency which makes them different among their competitors.


Create a publisher account with Pepperjam Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Pepperjam affiliate.


Quick View:

Niche Products: Digital and Coupon.

Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit.

Minimum Payout: 25 USD.

7.  LinkConnector

LinkConnector is an Affiliate Network that connects publishers with merchants. It was founded in 2004, North Carolina, United States. They are serving many big retailers. Also, having Internet Retailers Top 500 merchants and brands.

LinkConnector is expertise in Affiliate Marketing, Innovative Partnerships, Search Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Agency Services, Tracking Services, Influencer Marketing. Even more, their affiliate management team is available almost every day, that stands them out.


Create a publisher account with LinkConnector Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the LinkConnector affiliate. It will probably take a longer time to get approval because LinkConnector is known for transparency, honesty, and trust.


Quick View:

Niche Products: General, Physical, and Digital Products.

Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer.

Minimum Payout: 50 USD.

8.  AWIN

AWIN is one of the Top Leading Affiliate networks in the market with more than £9.5 billion in revenue and for its advertisers and £700 million for its publishers last year. It was founded in the year 2000, Berlin, Germany and now serving to 230,000 contributing publishers and 16,500 advertisers.

In 2007, Awin acquired ShareASale but they both still work as a separate entity. Awin works on retail, telecommunications, travel, and finance verticals.


Create a publisher account with AWIN Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Awin affiliate. There’s a £5 registration fee that they’ll give back to you once you get approved but you’ll lose it if you’re not approved. Above all, they also provide some affiliate programs like House Of Fraser, SuperDry UK, BitDefender, Expedia UK.


Quick View:

Niche Products: over 10000+ merchants, Physical and Digital Products.

Payment Method: ACH and wire transfer

Minimum Payout: 20 USD.

9.  Admitad

Admitad is a constantly growing network that provides a platform to connect Publishers and Advertisers. It helps advertisers to drive traffic and boost sales.

Admitad was established in 2009, Germany, and further launched in 2010 by Alexander Bachmann. Admitad generated total sales of $3.9 Billion with 1500+ advertisers and 650000+ publishers. It mostly works on finance, mobile, e-commerce, travel, online games, online services. So, if you want to work in such a niche, you can become an Admitad partner to increase the sales of your products.


Create a publisher account with Admitad Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Admitad affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: All types of Physical and Digital products.

Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, e-payments, Wire Transfer.

Minimum Payout: 20 USD.

10.  Avantlink

AvantLink is an affiliate referral platform, especially for eCommerce and advertising. It was founded in 2005, United States.

AvantLink is connected with giant merchants who deal with catalog products. There are several Tools, International Affiliate Networks and tracking links available so you can be sure that you are being focused with time and hard work.

The network is known for its transparency and honesty, they show a lot of details about the merchant’s program before they sign in.


Create a publisher account with AvantLink Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the AvantLink affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Retail, Outdoor Products.

Payment Method: PayPal, ACH, Bank Transfer

Minimum Payout: 25 USD.

11.  BrandReward

BrandReward is and Marketing and Advertising Affiliate network founded in 2016, Shanghai, China. They are expertise in Monetization Solutions, global partnerships, Conversion Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Performance, ad tech, Digital Analysis, advertising, Content Conversion, Profit Analysis, global branding.


Create a publisher account with BrandReward Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the BrandReward affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Websites, Apps, Digital products.

Payment Method: PayPal (great Option).

Minimum Payout: 10 USD.

12.  SkimLinks

SkimLinks is a UK based affiliate network founded in 2007. It was founded by Australian co-founders Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski. SkimLinks have 48000+ vendors and drove sales over $ 1B+ in 2019.

It is now leading a Content monetization platform for Publishers. They have thousands of Affiliate Programs. As a Skimlinks member, you have access to over 60,000 affiliate programs.


Create a publisher account with SkimLinks Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the SkimLinks affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Technology and Digital Products.

Payment Method: Direct Deposit or PayPal (USA, UK, EU only), for others PayPal.

Minimum Payout: 10 USD.

13.  FlexOffer

FlexOffer is an Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Company founded in 2008, Miami, United States. They are proficient in Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Online Marketing and Affiliate Programs. FlexOffer has more than 12000+ merchants in different countries and more are coming every day.

Flex offer works with both big and small brands like Macy’s, Skechers, Lenovo. Moreover, they have lots of affiliate programs so if you want to get such kind of programs and support, FlexOffer is the best option to start.


Create a publisher account with FlexOffer Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the FlexOffer affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: All types of Physical & Digital Products (Wide Range).

Payment Method: Check or Direct Deposit (the USA only), PayPal (Outside USA).

Minimum Payout: 50 USD (within the USA), 100 USD (Outside USA).

14.  Optimise Media Group

Optimise Media Group is a global network that helps convert clicks into the customers for Publishers based on Marketing. Even, Last year they delivered over $1 billion in sales for the biggest brands like Microsoft, HSBC, and Expedia. They also serve global brands to Power up their business like Paytm, Amazon, Samsung, Agoda.


Create a publisher account with Optimise Media Group Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Optimise affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Digital and Advertising

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Web Money, Direct Deposit

15.  VCommission

VCommission is known as India’s First International Casino Affiliate Program and Driving traffic based on Advertising. It was founded in 2008, Haryana, India and now it is Top Indian Affiliate Network.

VCommission has more than 18000 affiliates and working with leading companies. For example, Airtel, Domino’s, Asian Paints, Amazon, and more. Also, It offers CPA, CPI, CPC, and CPS, etc. Above all, They are expertise in Pay Per Click Management, Lead Generation, Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing. So, If you are looking to exclusively promote your products, VCommission can be the best match for you.


Create a publisher account with VCommission Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the VCommission affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Digital Products, eCommerce.

Payment Method: NEFT/RTGS (Bank Transfer – for Indians), PayPal, and Wire Transfer (for Others).

Minimum Payout: Rs. 1,000 (Indians), Between 100 USD & 999 USD Paypal,  Over 1,000 USD  will be send via International Wire Transfer.

16.  Cuelinks

Cuelinks is another popular Indian Affiliate Network. It was founded in 2008, India. Cuelinks basically monetizes your content. It also helps you manage the links. But for that, you need to install Cuelinks JavaScript Code. Cuelinks is useful for Bloggers, Review sites, Price Comparison sites, and more. Commission Type of Cuelinks is CPI, CPR, CPL, CPS.


Create a publisher account with Cuelinks Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Cuelinks affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Digital Products.

Payment Method: Bank Wire, PayPal.

Minimum Payout: INR 500.

17.  ClickOnik

ClickOnik is an Indian Advertising and Affiliate marketing Company to take your Digital presence to a high level. It was founded in 2016, Gurgaon, India but now has presence world-wild.

ClickOnik offers like Affiliate Marketing, Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Visit (CPV), Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Installation (CPI), Mobile Marketing, Cost Per Sale (CPS) Pure Performance Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding – Mailer Campaigns/Display/Banners.


Create a publisher account with ClickOnik Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the ClickOnik affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Retail, Digital Products.

Payment Method: Bank Transfer.

18.  iCubesWire

iCubesWire is a leading Digital Marketing company that helps you fulfill your goals. It was founded in 2010, Haryana, India. They mostly work with e-Commerce, Automobile, Technology, Finance, Travel, Hospitality, and more.

iCubesWire is expertise in Performance, Social (SMO & SMM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Listening, Digital Media Buying & Planning, Programmatic and Digital Creative, Technology, consulting.


Create a publisher account with iCubesWire Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the iCubesWire affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: Digital Products, Marketing.

Payment Method: NEFT and RTGS.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 2,500

19. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate is the part of Flipkart.com an Indian e-Commerce Company. It refers to the process of earning a commission by promoting, marketing and selling products on Flipkart.

Affiliate programs of various portals are some of the best ways to earn money online. As you know, Many E-commerce companies offer an affiliate program. Likewise, Flipkart is having an affiliate program name as “Flipkart Affiliate”. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing commission ranges from 1%-15% of the product’s price. Above all, Flipkart is having lots of products as you know. So, it can be a great choice to start.


Create a publisher account with Flipkart Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Flipkart affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: E-commerce

Payment Method: Gift Voucher, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Minimum Payout: Rs. 1,000.

20. 2Gud

2GUD is Launched by Flipkart in August 2018 as an e-Commerce market for refurbished goods to sell them exclusively. It is mostly for electronics and mobile devices. 2GUD is the first independent platform for refurbished products. Also, it is expected to be a $20B market in the upcoming next 3-5 years.


Create a publisher account with 2GUD Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the 2GUD affiliate. 


Quick View:

Niche Products: E-commerce, Electronics Devices, Mobiles, Tablets.

Payment Method: Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Minimum Payout: Rs. 2,500.


Tradedoubler is a leading international digital marketing company from Sweden founded in 1999. It offers performance marketing and technology solutions.

In 18 years, they’ve amassed an army of 180,000 active publishers, connecting them to over 2,000 merchants in Europe and the UK. Many of these merchants are household names.

Like other affiliate networks, Tradedoubler offers CPL, CPC, CPS, CPM.

If you’re having a good amount of UK based traffic Tradedoubler can be the best pick.


Create a publisher account with Tradedoubler Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Tradedoubler affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: All types of products.

Payment Method: Cheque / Wire

Minimum Payout: USD 40


Accesstrade largest CPA affiliate marketing network in Japan & Southeastern Asia founded in 1999. It is now operated by Interspace Co,.Ltd. since 2001.

Accesstrade is working with over 8500 merchants and 550,000 publishers. Accesstrade supports over 130,000 websites across Southeast Asia, running more than 350 affiliate programs in the region.


Create a publisher account with Accesstrade Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Accesstrade affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: e-commerce, retail, banking, and finance.

Payment Method: Wire transfer.

Minimum Payout: USD 50

23.  AFFONIX  

Affonix is a subsidiary of Rovers Digital Media (RDM) incorporated in 2013. It is the fastest-growing affiliate network agency helping people with performance marketing.

Affonix is providing services in FB marketing, PPC marketing, Display marketing, Native Advertising, Mobile Marketing, etc.


Create a publisher account with Affonix Affiliate Network:

Click here to sign up with the Affonix affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: Sales, Registrations, Leads, Installs, Videos Views, Traffic, Programmatic, Social media buying, Media buying, email marketing.

Payment Method: WebMoney, Wire

Minimum Payout: US $100.

24.  AFFOY

Affoy is a Fast-Growing Affiliate Marketing Agency incorporated on 29 May 2017. It is proving commission on CPA, CPS, CPL.

Affoy runs affiliate campaigns with some top e-commerce companies such as Flipkart, Goibibo, eBay, Myntra, Medlife, Rentickle, and many more.


Create a publisher account with Affoy Affiliate agency:

Click here to sign up with the Affoy affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: Physical (e-commerce) and medical products

Payment Method: Cheque, Bank Transfer or Via Paypal

Minimum Payout: US $50.


Medlife international is an Indian online platform that provides medical, pharmacy, diagnostics, and e-consultation. It was founded in Bangalore in 2014 and currently working with over 5000 employees.

Medlife Affiliate Program for free. All you need is a website or blog or social media accounts to promote the products.


Create a publisher account with Medlife Affiliate:

Click here to sign up with the Medlife affiliate.

Quick View:

Niche Products: Health & Beauty

Payment Method: Wire transfer / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Paypal

Minimum Payout: There is no minimum threshold amount to receive the commissions. Usually up to 15%.

26. Optimidea

Optimidea is a Digital consulting agency founded in 2016. It is known for delivering performance, transparency and innovation.


Create a publisher account with Optimidea:

Click here to sign up with the optimidea.

Quick View:

Niche/Products: Mobile Marketing, affiliate marketing, Media Buying and Planning, Strategy and Consulting, internet, information technology & services, etc.

Payment Method: Wire, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $300.


Tradetracker is a performance marketing company working the world’s biggest brands and ideally positioned to provide easy access to all major European markets.

It was founded in 2004 and has offices in 25 countries major in Europe.

TradeTracer is working with over 5000 merchants and 250000 publishers.


Create a publisher account with Tradetracker:

Click here to sign up with the Tradetracker.

Quick View:

Niche/Products: Fashion and jewelry, gifts and gadgets, home and garden, household appliances, office, and toys, etc.

Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer

Minimum Payout: £25.

28. VNATIVE (Trackier)

Trackier is (formerly vNative) another Performance Marketing Platform that gives you total control over your marketing campaigns.

You can build, automate, assess, and optimize each and every campaign within a single, unified platform.


Get the Free Trial of vNative:

Click here.

Quick View:

Niche/Products: Software, etc.

29. Affle

Affle is a global company with a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that delivers consumer engagement, acquisitions, and transactions through relevant Mobile Advertising.

Affle was founded in Singapore in 2006. It’s used by used by online & offline companies for measurable mobile advertising. Affle is working with CPI/CPA/CPL/CPS mobile traffic.


Create a publisher account with Affle:

Click here to sign up with the Affle.

Quick View:

Services:  Mobile Marketing, Native Ads, Ad Monetization, Data Monetization

Payment Method: Wire Transfer, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $0.8.

30. 2Performant

2Performant is an affiliate marketing network that connects online marketing specialists with online stores and brands based on a cost per sale model. It was founded in 2008.


Create a publisher account with 2performant:

Click here to sign up with the 2performant.

Quick View:

Services: Influence marketing, brands leads, and sales, PPC marketing.

Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: €25

31. Profitshare

Profitshare is the top leading affiliate network in Central and Eastern Europe and was founded in 2017.

It has made Sales of over 100 million euros generated by over 24.000 publishers that have been made possible for more than 150 advertisers through the Profitshare affiliate network.

profitshare-affiliate-network-publisher-signup (1)

Create an account with Profitshare:

Click here to sign up with the Profitshare.

Quick View:

Niche: E-commerce products.

32. OfferToro

OfferToro is a growing company in the monetization and advertising industry. It was founded in London, UK in 2012. Whether you want to acquire new users, increase brand awareness, or simply make your video go viral, Offertoro is for you.

OfferToro is working with more than 1500+ publishers and 1.5M monthly active users.


Create a publisher account with OfferToro:

Click here to sign up with the OfferToro.

Quick View:

Services: Mobile OfferWall SDK, Various monetization tools, Native Ads, etc.

Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Wire

Minimum Payout: $50 – $200

33. Adtraction

Adtraction was established in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is becoming the most reliable affiliate network on the market.

Adtraction is an affiliate network with reporting features that enable affiliates to be paid for sending shoppers to a brand who then convert.

With Adtraction, the affiliates (channel marketers, influencers, publishers) use their channels to promote advertisers with links to the advertisers’ products, and advertisers are matched with affiliates willing to promote links to brands.


Create a publisher account with Adtraction:

Click here to sign up with the Adtraction.

Quick View:

Niche/products: E-commerce, Insurance, Technology, sports, banking, finance, etc.

Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer

Minimum Payout: £10

Commission Type: CPA, CPS, CPL.

34. AdscendMedia

Adscendmedia is a CPA network that connects advertisers and publishers It was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Austin, TX. It is known for Offer Wall, survey solutions, and videos. They have now over 35,000 publishers in over 250 countries with $55M of payouts already.

AdscendMedia is recognized by the top American magazine Forbes.

adscendmedia-signup (1)

Create a publisher account with Adscendmedia:

Click here to sign up with the Adscendmedia

Quick View:

Services: offer wall, rewarded video, and affiliate marketing solutions.

Payment Method: Check, Wire, ACH, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $50

Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway / Locking.

35. TargetCircle

Target Circle is a fully-featured Affiliate Software designed to serve Agencies. It was founded in 2014 in Nordic Countries, Scandinavia. It provides end-to-end solutions designed for the Web App. It allows teams to build, track, manage, analyze, and optimize your affiliate programs.

This online Affiliate system offers Affiliate Management, Fraud Detection, Contest Management, Social Sharing, Email Communication in one place.

targetcircle-publisher-signup-image (1)

Create a publisher account with TargetCircle:

Click here to sign up with the TargetCircle.

Quick View:

Services: Data Visualization, Fraud Detection, Marketing Automation, etc.

Minimum Payout: $50

36. eBay

eBay Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California. It is known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. Of course, it is among one of the top competitors of brands like Amazon and Walmart.

eBay has a lot of trust in the marketplace the number one factor in conversions made it popular.

eBay Partner Network is entirely free to join, but first, you need an eBay account.

ebay-partner-program-signup (1)

Create a publisher account with eBay:

Click here to sign up with eBay.

Quick View:

Niche/products: E-commerce

Payment Method: Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.

Minimum Payout: $10 USD.

Unique Affiliate Business Model

There are lots of ways to make money online with affiliate marketing. Since the covid-19 pandemic happened more and more people are shopping online either tangible goods or intangible products. It also proportionally created more ways to make money online.

When someone got introduce to affiliate marketing, they either start blogging or Youtube or Amazon review affiliate website. But why not start a unique affiliate business model than start with the typical business blog site. Also, thousands of people, news magazines, and media sites already captured the market.

It’s absolutely nothing wrong to go with a blog affiliate site but I would rather prefer to put my efforts in a less competitive market.

Let’s not keep the suspense. This is a unique business model that works with Affiliate Cashback Coupon websites. In the early stage of the affiliate blog website, you can earn from one affiliate network like an amazon associate. But in cashback, coupon, or deals website you can earn from thousands of affiliate networks from a single website.

One of the major advantages of such a website is you can automate your business and only require daily 30 minutes of work which is so less when you can earn thousands of $ per month. Isn’t it?

If you have never heard of this cashback coupon business and website, you must be thinking about how this cashback coupon website work? You visit this article which will cover you’re mostly queries about how to start a cashback coupon website in the affiliate industry? Also, there are lots of cashback affiliate networks you can join from the above list.

It’s time to choose an Affiliate Network.

Let’s find out your winners.

Which Affiliate Network are you going to choose?

Now, you have the details of all the popular global affiliate networks. So, you can pick which are the best for you so just start your business and strive through success to earn passive income in 2020.

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