Before we understand why it’s not the best to Clone a Cashback Script Website or the nulled cashback script from any industry leader. Let’s understand first “what’s the clone?

Most of the development companies have lacked business knowledge. They are misunderstanding the flow requirement.

Moreover, they’re unable to visualize innovative ideas and design the typical digital solution on their own. Therefore, they create a website or mobile app that’s a clone in appearance and functionalities as that of the top websites.

Such clones can be a WordPress-based cashback script, cashback site script PHP, free cashback script, or an affiliate cashback script.

Usually, this ‘clone’ is limited to cosmetic functionalities. Such as user interface, appearance, and basic front-end related functionalities. However, the core business logic, code, and those developers have written the program on their own, which is never of required quality – here is the logic.

The reason behind the development company chooses to coupon website clone script from the front-end part of the website or mobile applications are the following.

Clone Rakuten – Ebates, CouponDunia, CashKaro, Topcashback, Retailmenot, Mr. rebates website, script.

  • Lack of affiliate industry knowledge
  • Unable to creatively think and create a unique user interface.

Now if someone cannot create anything new on their own, which is cosmetic. so then, how can they be innovative on the writing programs and robust business logic?

Many Cashback development companies offer Ebates clone script, Cashkaro clone script, Rakuten Clone cashback Script, etc.

They tend to convince their clients with an easy and fast start-up but the reality is as fast they start, the fast they start facing problems with new add-ons integration, SEO, and competition with other similar websites.

Here are the top reasons you should never choose for the clone of a Rakuten–Ebates, CouponDunia, CashKaro, Topcashback, Retailmenot, Mr. rebates, or any top cashback website.

1. Half-cooked clone script websites in PHP

Most often than not, the clone websites are half cooked. As the process of the development is to refer to any other websites or mobile apps. Clone the front-end and public screens that are publicly accessible. But core business logic is behind the screens.

The development company that has developed the affiliate clone scripts has relied on copying what’s available publicly.

Hence, they get into the core functionalities, business logic, and developed the clone website and app, leading to a half-cooked and patchy business solution.

2. Cashback clone script is considered as duplicate by users

Almost all cashback users are aware of one of these top cashback websites. Since you’ve cloned that, users feel less trustworthy as it shows a feeling of duplicate and piracy. Same, when you realize a pair of Adidas shoes is a duplicate copy from the original.

It shows an attempt to betray someone by showing a website that looks like some popular website.

3. Poor scalability

As explained in the clone script development process, the scalability factor is very poorly handled. So, you will find out hundreds of issues as soon as your website hits a few thousand existing users.

4. Negative impact on Search Engine Optimization

Affiliate business relies mostly on organic traffic and SEO is a paramount factor to be considered. Therefore, all the cashback script clones have handled organic SEO standards poorly.

Verify the HTML structure and analyze your script in any SEO analysis websites to figure out this negativity. A few tools are seositecheckup, seowebpageanalyzer, etc.

5. A duplicate can never win

A duplicate can never win the trust and confidence of users to help you sustain, scale, and grow your business. In addition, enough success is there to prove the original ideas have always an upper edge over the website clone script.

6. Competition with a similar type of website

A clone script will give you a similar website like others which demands endless efforts to be upright from the competition, and difficult to grow in business with time.

You must have a unique cashback coupon script solution that stands out from the competition, help you grow rapidly, and reduce your efforts in SEO and optimization than typical clone script websites.

clone is not sustainableEnactSoft provides the complete affiliate industry-related business solution.

These are at par with cashback industry leaders like Ebates–Rakuten, CouponDunia, CashKaro, PaisaWapas, Mr. Rebates, RetailMeNot, etc. After all, they’re crafted by the original design, ideas, business knowledge, best technology stack, and more.

Get a free demo of how a unique cashback business website looks like and browse the features and functionalities that will enhance your business performance.

EnactSoft also provides chrome and firefox browser extension and app-only cashback business solution to powerup your business reach and make it easy for your customers to avail every benefit of cashback while shopping online.

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