Lots of people are making serious money with the AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM or AMAZON ASSOCIATES.

For bloggers, influencers, website builders, and young entrepreneurs, getting amazon associate approval is becoming a little tough than before since the competition is high now but nothing to worry about.

In this blog, We will discuss what is an amazon affiliate program? and how to become an amazon affiliate especially for the cashback program.

Amazon Associate program or Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most profitable affiliate programs across the globe.

Considering the scale and reach of an affiliate program, and get approval, Amazon has laid out the rules and guidelines known as associates program policies. Before we start, let’s understand what is an amazon affiliate program?

What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

Amazon Affiliate associate program is the program that provides an opportunity for bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, and cashback website owners to earn money as referral commission by advertising products from amazon.com products via Affiliate links through different affiliate channels.

For example, YouTube, Blog website, Social Media, Cashback Coupon portal, and many more.

What are the Amazon affiliate requirements?

It’s completely free to be an Amazon affiliate. There is no fee or charge apply to promote amazon products.

Amazon is most likely to approve these affiliate program applications from the following people and companies.

1. YouTubers

Thousands of YouTubers promote amazon’s products on youtube and share affiliate links in their descriptions. These YouTubers can apply for the Amazon affiliate program.

2. Bloggers

Bloggers writing content on the website and promoting amazon’s product in a different way. It’s a very popular way to earn through Amazon affiliate programs. Blog categories starting with “Best”, “Top 10”, etc. are usually monetized with Amazon affiliates.

3. Social Media Influencers

Influencers are having a lot of traffic from their followers and social media groups are eligible to apply for the Amazon programs. Refer to this guide to know strategies for sharing Amazon affiliate links on social media.

4. Cashback Coupon Website owners

Amazon does not approve all affiliate program applications from cashback and coupon sites. You need to gain trust from Amazon and convince them you’re a legit business entrepreneur and helping Amazon getting traffic and scale up the business.

It’s worth putting effort to get Amazon affiliate approval if you’re a cashback business owner. We’ll discuss it below.

Most of the cashback websites would like to offer cashback on successful purchases from Amazon. However, due to their terms, it’s not possible to offer cashback for all users.

The following links will take you to some of the Amazon associate program policies with Cashback clauses.

It’s a misconception that our developed cashback website is not compatible with the Amazon cashback program. The fact is, the Amazon terms are such that it’s not possible to offer cashback.

For any cashback functionality implementation, it’s essential that the merchant or affiliate campaign support at least one extra parameter/sub id tracking along with the main transaction. This way, we can pass on the tracking parameters, click ID, and identify the user once the sale report is generated.

In the case of Amazon, the very essential feature of extra parameter/sub id tracking is disabled by default. So it’s impossible to identify the user who has placed the order and pass on the cashback. If any developer claims to provide Amazon cashback integration out of the box without Amazon approval, it’s incorrect.

Amazon Affiliate Approval for Cashback & Rebates

Please note that Amazon’s terms are responsible to pass on the cashback. That doesn’t mean, a cashback website can not promote Amazon offers.

In fact, we insist on promoting Amazon the most aggressively even when cashback is not possible to be able to earn high commission.

In fact, you can balance it in such a way that, consider Amazon earning as pure profit and pass-on near to 100% commission as cashback for other stores as you’re anyway able to be profitable.

Now the question is, how do Ebates–Rakuten, CouponDunia, Cashkaro, Topcashback get the approval from Amazon and passing on the cashback to their users for Amazon? and this is a very valid question, we will attempt to answer.

As an affiliate specialist development company, we’re fortunate to work with industry-leading affiliate marketing companies. Hence, we are eligible to share the insights about how did they make it possible.

Here is…

6 steps guide to get an Amazon affiliate associate approval for the cashback program.

  1. Complete the development of your affiliate coupon cashback portal.
  2. Publish the website with rich content, offers, banners, graphics for all major stores
  3. Promote your website/portal/app to get traction, traffic.
  4. Continue to promote Amazon products/services, even when you’re not able to pass on the cashback – this creates a positive impression on your Amazon associate account.
  5. When reached a decent scale, contact Amazon associate support team, and convey your business model. Communicate the essence of the rebate/cashback program for the success of your cashback business relies on the Amazon program and given that, it would create a healthy relationship that is mutually beneficial.
  6. Give confidence to the Amazon support team. Mention that you would not indulge in any policy violation or short-cut to gain an undue advantage. Assure them you will adhere to all terms laid by Amazon.

This is the process everybody has followed and got the approval to promote Amazon with cashback offers.

Now, you may feel this is a lengthy process with the ‘chicken & egg’ problem – where to be successful, you need to get the Amazon cashback approval, you need to have traction.

The truth is that there’s no other explicit way except this most cashback portal got the approval, unless, you’re funded company with the VCs / investor firms having the connection with the Amazon.

Even after you get the Amazon cashback approval, the way it works differs from the rest of the affiliate network/program as they do not provide sale data via API, but provide the data in a CSV / XML file on a scheduled basis that needs to be imported in the system with various formatting and verification.

Contact us to get the Amazon associate cashback program integration once you’ve approval from Amazon.

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