Affiliate marketing is a growing industry in India. With the increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, more and more affiliates are trying their hands in this fast-growing market. But, the pace with which affiliate marketers for coupon websites are growing has also raised steep competition in recent times, Hence it’s inevitable to be cost-effective and unique to successfully survive in long run.

Towards making your operations viable, it’s necessary that you take advantage of automation by choosing a trusted and best Coupon affiliate API provider for your couponing website.

Coupomated is an automated coupon content distribution platform, providing a robust coupon and discount aggregation solution for all leading news media, discount and coupon sites, industry-leading blogs, mobile application developers, social networks, and shopping comparison apps.

Here are is how Coupomated helps to increase your income by coupon API integration:

  1. End-to-end solution provider for coupon data feed:

    Right from website development, optimization for page speed, security configuration, merchant & category master data to the coupon data feed, Coupomated provides all this at one stop.

  2. Fully automated coupon affiliate feed:

    One dashboard to configure, manage & monitor all your major operations. Coupon data automatically updates on your website without any manual intervention. Just sit back and let coupomated’s automated affiliate feed do all the work. The simple and robust content delivery system feeds can be easily integrated with virtually any platform. And the scalable architecture ensures the high availability of content without compromising the quality.

    Coupomated is the best Coupon API Datafeed Provider in India

  3. Plethora of Coupons and Deals:

    We consolidate, clean, validate, and standardize the coupon data aggregated from various sources and transforms the content into easy-to-consume XML, JSON, and CSV feed. The data feeds contain 5000+ offers across more than 2000+ merchants and over 12+ affiliate networks.

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  4. You are the king of your content:

    You have complete control over the creation of coupon content. Our sentence building module lets you choose how the coupon title & coupon description be created. This ensures the uniqueness and SEO compatibility of coupon data on your website. Mostly coupon data is prepared to keep the end-user in mind by providing catchy titles and SEO friendly content.

  5. Easy monetization of your every sale:

    We give the ease of smart deep linking. All you need to do is to configure your relationship IDs with the network on the Coupomated dashboard and all your links will be automatically deep linked. Never worry about a program going down by any network, our feed will automatically route through to the next available network ensuring you don’t lose out on a single penny.

  6. Advanced analytics on coupon redemptions:

    Analytics has a great role to decide future strategies in any business. Our indigenously developed WordPress plugin provides advanced analytics on coupon redemptions. It also provides you data about the top-performing coupons, coupon listing pages on your website as well as a list of top referral websites leading traffic on your website.

  7. Alternative monetization channels:

    Apart from cost per sale or cost per lead, we help you configure various ways to monetize your website effectively. This will really be greatly helpful in the initial days of your startup in reaching break-even quickly.

  8. SEO, SMM & Digital Marketing:

    We have, by our extensive experience in running successful affiliate business, developed various best practice guide specifically suitable for couponing website. This will surely help crack the enigma of SEO, SMM & overall effective digital marketing.

  9. Coupons & Product Widget:

    Coupomated is the first in India to develop such widgets. This is a simple widget that can be configured below your content or in the sidebar. It features the best of coupons & deals during that particular time so as to ensure a high click-through rate and eventually commission.

  10. Reasonable Pricing:

    As our mission is to help you build a successful business, we ensure that the cost of running your business is always as low as possible. All our plans & services vary competitively priced. We also run promotional offers on various services time-to-time.

Coupomated is a once stop solution to all your requirements related to affiliate business automation, development, monetization, marketing, and growth.


Ovesh Dhanga is a Co-founder and CEO of Having over a decade of experience in the affiliate industry, he has contributed to the launch of multiple affiliate marketing solutions for small-medium businesses, nonprofits, and young entrepreneurs. He leads a team of developers, affiliate marketers, and helping clients effectively scale, as well as focusing on the implications of future technology on society and societal growth.

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