Assuming you already have basic affiliate industry knowledge. Therefore, I’m going to share the real working pro tips that will help you become a top affiliate marketer in a short time.

For the benefit of the larger reader audience of this blog, let me briefly explain how the affiliate coupon cashback works.


Important tasks to earn massive affiliate commission from the cashback portal.

1. Robust portal with tech right solution

Get the cashback portal done such that it’s a bug-free, rich user interface, refreshing design. In addition, beautify it with appropriate graphics, content, merchant logos, best-handpicked coupons & offers to get better results.

In addition, Test the website for all pages, functionalities from the end-user perspective.

2. Create a rich content based on keyword research

Focus on long-tail keywords with medium to low competition. As suggested in this blog, focus on the start-up e-commerce website portal related keywords to find the real juice of organic SEO.

3. Social media profile pages

Create a social media profile page with your domain name, feature with logo and appropriate graphics image, and share the page with your friends and connection to create the first batch of likes and followers.

Post handpicked offers every day. Ideally, post 3-7 handpicked best deals every day on all social media portals. This can be an important factor for an affiliate marketer.

4. YouTuber channel

Create a YouTube channel and share 2-3 deals with simple flow and voice over in a week because this has been the tips hardly in practice and whoever does get the advantage.

Lots of Affiliate marketers promoting on YouTube and earning passive income.

5. WhatsApp / Telegram channel

Create a channel on WhatsApp and Telegram to attract all your users to join it. Likewise, share handpicked offers to improve the conversion rate.

6. Email newsletters

Send email notification to users with handpicked offers and exclusive deals from the newbie affiliate campaigns.

7. Exclusive Campaign Promotion

Contact relatively newer merchants for their exclusive commission rate, coupons, and offer campaign. Above all, this has been one of the great differentiators for you to acquire a lot of users and improve the conversion.

8. Payout cashback timely

Release cashback payment as soon as the transaction is marked as confirmed by the network. As a result, this instills huge confidence in the users’ community.

9. Refer & Earn

This has been a robust technique to attract the initial user base and increase the user base exponentially in a shorter time. Our developed system has enough fraud detection and prevention in place to prevent any abuse of the system.

10. Share & Earn

Opt for an add-on feature of share & earn. Consequently, this helps your users to create cashback trackable links and promote on their social media. Also, anyone purchasing from that link will be made a user who has shared the offer eligible to earn the real Cashback.

11. Rewards top contributing members with bonus

Take care of top contributing users by personally getting connected and socialized with them. In addition, reward them with special gift vouchers, bonus cashback, etc to motivate them to do more.

12. Create a leaderboard blog

List top performing users with their pics on your blog section with their consent. Hence, this will motivate all the readers to take the extra efforts to be eligible to get featured.

13. Write niche-specific blog

See what’s trending in the cross-section of time and write a brief blog with a list of offers. For instance, the top 10 deals to the eye in Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, etc.

14. Tight communicates shoppers

Never let any user down with irresponsible replies. Take care of your brand image is positive across the platform. Replies on Google reviews, Facebook comments, tweets, and other platforms in real-time. Such efforts bring value for an Affiliate marketer.

We’ve taken care that there are no heavy lifting tasks putting you at resource investment or calls for major infrastructure, yet helps you scale up effectively and efficiently in a shorter time.

Final Words

With the robust business solution that is technically right, SEO friendly, pick the EnactSoft Cashback tech platform, and right content with appropriate marketing strategies. so, you can start flying high within 3 months from the launch of your business.

Be consistent, brave, innovative, and try everything positive. In other words, you’ll be among those top coupon cashback affiliate marketers quickly.

Our experts are always at your disposal to help you get more insights. Comment below or contact us for any personalized consultation.

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