If you’re looking to Start your own cashback website business but don’t know much inside technicality, you have landed in the right place. Lots of young entrepreneurs facing the same problem during the process of “Cashback Website Development“. I am going to briefly discuss top key features you must keep in mind during the cashback coupon website development, which will be the highly profitable fully automated cashback Coupon website.

Affiliate Cashback Coupon industry is trendy, so we need to have a robust cashback website solution to compete and stand out in this environment.

Before we start about key features you must have in your cashback coupon website solution, let me share some figures important figures about the cashback industry as a highly lucrative business.

The Cashback Coupon industry is majorly based on E-commerce stores. Global E-commerce sales are expected to reach more than $6.5 trillion USD by 2023. As many people purchase on E-commerce stores, it is more likely to believe about super growth in the cashback coupon industry. Alone in India, cashback and coupons industry valued at over Rs. 500 crores and increasing. Also, India’s e-commerce sector grows at an annual rate of 51%, which is the highest in the world.

There are many reasons apart from numeric figures to consider that the Cashback website is the best to opt for affiliate marketing. You, me and everyone always tend to look for cashback, coupon, and offer while shopping online. As per the study, it is likely to be observed that once people get successful cashback from the respective website, they become loyal customers. Loyal customers mean repeat customers. Therefore, It is a Win-Win situation for Cashback Website owners.

Let’s discuss key features to consider during Cashback Coupon Development.

Key Features to Consider During Cashback Coupon Development

1. Refer & Earn with bonus and lifetime earning in %age

It is good to have thousands of people promoting your brand (cashback website) and spreading awareness based on experience. Therefore, it is important to have Refer & Earn features in your cashback website script. Through which, Customers will be happier to have cashback benefits by sharing with friends and family. Also, it must prevent any misuse of the functionality by creating multiple fake accounts and claiming cashback. Reduce the risk of ruining the purpose of Refer an earn.

Cashback development company like EnactSoft provides cookie-based refer and earn program, which can be promoted via social media, Email, and SMS, etc. Just users need to fulfill the main 3 conditions below.

  1. Verified Mobile Number.
  2. The order must be placed through your website.
  3. Must have $x as cashback balance (Set by Admin).

Refer and Earn promotion is highly attractive to new customers for your business.

2. Auto-update Cashback Status

Once the Customer places the order, the merchant or Affiliate network updates the order status as pending. After the merchant verifies the order, it is updated as confirmed. Finally, once the return period is over, it is set as validated, and then it is paid out.

These statuses must be updated in real-time for your customers to check their earning and enable them with cashback withdrawal. Your integration with Affiliate network and merchant needs to be so proper and automatic for customer’s better shopping experience.

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3. Easily Customizable user interface

New innovative front-end designs are becoming a need to compete in the market. You have to keep customizing your website design for users with a better experience and better performance.

Isn’t it good to be able to update and change front-end designs without knowing any coding or programming knowledge? Well, it is definitely possible for any non-techy person too.

EnactSoft is providing your choice WordPress theme-based cashback script website solution, which is seamlessly integrated with WordPress. You might be knowing that WordPress is known for its easily customizable strength without knowing any coding knowledge. I am sure that you don’t like to contact your developers for every small change.

In addition, EnactSoft Cashback Script is developed in such a way that you can migrate it to another website/user interface in the quickest way.

4. Automated Tracking

Cashback Website tracks every cashback data with the help of an Affiliate network. Your Cashback Website must be properly integrated with the Affiliate network. So, all data are synchronized automatically without any delay in tracking cashback to customers.

Your “Cashback Script” must capture all data and outgoing clicks. EnactSoft is the best choice for network integration. They will also guide you with which affiliate network is best to opt for your business. Such, Cashback Script is the best choice rather than export CSV from these multiple sources every day. Of course, it is difficult to keep track of status update for previous orders every day.

5. Smart Cashback calculation

Cashback structure varies category to category. There are basically 2 types of cashback. One is Flat cashback and another is %age cashback. The problems for cashback website owners are to keep changing different offers globally and during seasonal sales. Therefore, there might be a smart cash back calculation for website admin.

How does the smart Cashback calculation work?

Let’s understand with an example.

Consider that Amazon is offering a 10% Affiliate commission on the sale of a woman’s T-Shirt. A customer placed an order of worth $50 and you’re getting $5 as commission. Now, you want to pass $3 as cashback to your customer so you will set 60% as the cashback amount to be passed on to the customer. The script calculates automatically the cashback amount and shows $3 to the customer.

This feature makes your system dynamic and even if you miss updating the structure at the time it won’t affect your profit.


6. Email Alerts

You need a strong automatic email system to updates your every customer about their cashback, tracking update and status, missing cashback inquiries, referral system performance.

You can import customer’s email through the signup newsletters. Also, provide limited-time offers through email too. It is highly effective to get more repeat customers.

7. Fraud User Detection

Your cashback website must have a feature to prevent fraud users from registering multiple times. EnactSoft providing various modules to prevent fraud users from registering the same IP address and harming the healthy ecology of the refer and earn program.

OTP verification is the best option to restrict the same user registering and taking unauthorized benefits. In addition, SMS API provides thousands of SMS bundles which is great for a start-up.


These are main 7 features must be on a fully automated, efficient cashback coupon development solution for a profitable start-up.

There are various other things you must know before you start developing your cashback website. Your start-up will always need strong support operations, which will help your website drive into a proper environment.

As of now, all cashback startups faced challenges and problems mostly during the initial set-up. I would suggest you opt for a development company like EnactSoft which is having the best-experienced development team. EnactSoft is having experts working with Affiliate and cashback coupon industry overs years and understands the business very well.

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