Want to start coupon cashback website of your own, but not able to make out whom you should choose to develop website for you? Here is 10 points guide to help you gauge cashback website technically and make your decision easy on choosing best cashback script.

Often I have seen people exploring to start a professional coupon cashback website, but have very little exposure on technicality behind it. Most people have used cashback website themselves and think to start on their own to tap huge potential into this business segment.

While coupon cashback industry is bullish, it’s important to understand that, we need to have robust website to survive in highly competitive environment.

Before knowing which all features you must have in cashback script, let me share briefly the potential of cashback coupon website as a profitable business.

As per independent analysis, there are mainly five reasons why cashback website is better choice.

  •  Cashback is $84 billion+ industry
  •  Cashback website annual revenues is $4.5 million+, far more then coupon only websites
  •  People prefers to place order via cashback website for high values orders
  •  Cashback website helps to get repeat customers and improve loyalty
  •  It creates win-win situation for all involved stack holders

Following features must be there in any robust, scalable and professional coupon cashback website script.

  1. Automated cashback tracking

As you might be knowing, tracking for order placed via your cashback website is being done by either merchants or affiliate networks. Your website must be seamlessly connected with those merchants / networks, so that, cashback data are synced automatically in real time without any transmission loss and delay in reporting tracked cashback to users.

Coupomated cashback script:

Coupomated developed cashback script captures all out going clicks. It is tightly connected using RestAPI with all leading affiliate networks & merchants viz;

  • Flipkart Direct
  • Snapdeal Direct
  • eBay Direct
  • Admitad
  • Optimise Media Group
  • vCommission
  • Payoom
  • ConversionX
  • ClickOnik
  • iCubesWire
  • DGM

The above list convers 100% of monetizable merchants including, but not limited to Myntra, Jabong, Paytm, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Oyo Rooms, Rediff, Shopclues, ClearTrip, ixigo, and hundreds more.

Other Script in Market:

As per our study, they have either none of the integrations available or if at all there, then, it’s only with hasoffer platforms.

Impact of this feature:

You need to export CSV from these multiple sources every day, or multiple times a day. Format the CSV file as per their sample CSV and then import it.

Due to this, the tracking of cashback takes time and user experience is hampered, prone to mistake and cause havoc to users. Moreover, it’s very difficult to keep track of every day status update for past orders.

  1. Automated cashback status update

Whenever an order is placed, the network / merchant tracks the order with status as pending, once it’s verified with merchant it is updated as confirmed, after certain days (when return period is over) it’s made as validated and during their billing cycle its updated as payable and finally paid out.

You need to keep these statuses updated on your cashback website for user to get real time update on their earning data and enable them with cashback withdrawal.

Coupomated cashback script:

It takes care to keep all these statuses updated automatically in sync with those networks / merchants. No manual intervention required.

Other Script in Market:

Admin needs to manually update these statuses on each & every orders either by CSV upload or manually.

Impact of this feature:

Delayed updation, wrong updation and prone to bad user experience. Admin need to be too much vigilant everyday to keep this updated.

  1. Highly customizable user interface

It’s important to be continually innovative to sustain in the market with full of innovation and competition. Therefore, you need to keep customizing your website fron-end to offer best user experience all the time.

Coupomated cashback script:

The cashback script is integrated seamlessly on your choice of WordPress theme of your choice. WordPress is known for it’s strength of easy customization without knowing any real coding or web development. In fact, Coupomated is the only company provide php based cashback script integration on your choice of WordPress theme and integrate it seamlessly. Moreover, the front-end website is open source so that you can change whatever you wish without contacting Coupomated.

Other Script in Market:

Almost all scripts available in market are build using php, which is difficult, time consuming and require technical coding and programming knowledge to customize even tiny feature. Most scripts are encrypted for customization, hence, you need to contact developer every small change.

Impact of this feature:

Difficult to customize without programming knowledge. Encrypted scripts prevent you to customize without support from those script providers. Coupomated script is developed in such a way that you can migrate to other website / user interface easily and quickly.

  1. Tracking with multiple extra parameters

The cashback business will sustain only if you have robust tracking implemented on your website. Many missing cashback will leads to being perished from the market.

Coupomated cashback script:

Coupomated cashback script uses five extra parameters with every outgoing links. It’s very easy to create smart affiliate links. And entire process of creating smart affiliate links is automated with Coupomated coupon API for hundreds of merchants.

Other Script in Market:

There is no concept of smart affiliate links. Usually tracking happens only with one or two extra parameters.

Impact of this feature:

When you attach multiple extra parameters, you are actually making sure that the sale is attributed to right customer without any missing sale. There is no pain to create links manually when Coupomated coupon API is used. This reduces overall time spend on converting links to trackable links and improves tracking efficiency.

  1. Refer and Earn

It’s imperative to have thousands of users promoting your brand on their own experience. Therefore, it is important to have refer & earn module implemented with workable concept. At the same time, your script must prevent any misuse of the functionality by creating multiple fake accounts and claiming cashback, which will otherwise kill the very purpose of refer & earn.

Coupomated cashback script:

Coupomated has highly efficient refer & earn functionality. It is cookie based refer & earn module which can be promoted via social media pages, email, SMS etc. Also, it tracks and attribute referral even when users just click on that link and doesn’t signup immediately, after return after N days and create account on your website. As a website owner you can set this duration to retain the cookie.

Also users required to fulfil main three conditions before withdrawing cashback and referral earning;

  1. Must have verified mobile number via OTP
  2. Must have placed order via your cashback website
  3. Must have accumulated Rs. N as cashback balance (which can be set by admin)

Other Script in Market:

There’s simple refer & earn which captures referral when somebody clicks on those links. It’s prone to be misused and hardly efficient in real life.

Impact of this feature:

You can run Refer and Earn promotion without fear of being misused. Get thousands of real and genuine users on your website by offering attractive referral bonus.

  1. Transactional email alerts

You need to keep your users updated about their tracked cashback, status change, missing cashback tickets and referral system performance.

Coupomated cashback script:

Coupomated provides FREE notification email service (up to 1 lakh emails / month) setup that is fully automated. On every actions, user is sent email so that he is updated all the time. Promotes him to visit your website often.

Other Script in Market:

There are email templates set for very limited actions and configuration of automated email sending is not robust ad customizable.

Impact of this feature:

Users should get information in email and promoted to login in your dashboard to get more returning customers. Improved users experience and high chances of getting more & more return customers.

  1. Fraud user detection

You need to prevent fraud users registering multiple time on your website and ruining the ecology and killing the essence of refer & earn module.

Coupomated cashback script:

There is module to detect fraud users logging from same IP with multiple user IDs. Moreover, mobile verification by OTP prevents this kind of users significantly.

Other Script in Market:

There’s no control on multiple users logging from same IP and mobile verification is not being done at all.

Impact of this feature:

Run your website with maximum genuine users and improve the overall user experience by giving them higher reward for being genuine. Moreover, SMS sending API provides 25000 SMS bundle for free which is great for startup.

  1. Multi-tier cashback structure

Almost all merchants have multi-tier cashback structure varies category to category. It’s very important that, all these cashback structure is featured for users so that they are aware of how much cashback they would get upfront.

Coupomated cashback script:

You are free to create multiple cashback structure for various categories as per your choice.

Other Script in Market:

Most cashback scripts, except few, provides ability to set multi-tier cashback structure for a store.

Impact of this feature:

Relavant information about cashback % is available upfront for your users. This enhances over all trust by users on your website and bring transparency.

  1. Smart cashback calculation

For every merchant, the cashback structure varies category to category and also sometimes it’s flat cashback and other times it’s in %. There should be smart setting to handle this so that instead of setting it at store level, cashback website admin can control at all store / global level and keep changing at store level based on seasonal sale.

Coupomated cashback script:

Just set how much % of your earning you wish to pass on to customer at one place. Automatically, script will take care of all calculation smartly and award cashback to users accordingly.

i.e. Flipkart offers 10% affiliate commission on sale of footwear. A user placed order via your website worth Rs. 1000/-. You will get Rs. 100 as affiliate commission. Now, you wish to pass on Rs. 60 to customer for this order, so, just set 60% as cashback amount to be passed on to customer and script calculates automatically the cashback amount and shows Rs. 60 to customer.

Other Script in Market:

No relation with what commission you get, you need to mention either flat amount or % of sale amount to pass on to customer as cashback. This may lead to more cashback being passed on to customer then what you might get if set improperly. You need to keep track of every commission structure change and keep these settings updated in real time to prevent loss. Moreover, mostly these settings are not back compatible and any change also affect all past transactions in most script available in market.

Impact of this feature:

This is very crucial when merchants are frequently changing their commission structure. Most scripts are not capable to handle dynamic change in commission % or amount. Coupomated cashback script with smart cashback functionality is developed in such a way that any change with commission doesn’t affect your profit even if you miss to update structure on time.

  1. Support on business operations

Coupon cashback website is not just a website, but a business with multiple operation and set of tasks. It’s important that you get hand holding of all these aspects when you launch website to become profitable as quickly as possible.

Coupomated cashback script:

Coupomated is known for our domain knowledge and expertise. We know affiliate marketing from start-to-end as business operation. Our strength lies in providing inputs, suggestions and help our customer launch their start-up easily and become profitable in short span of time.

Other Script in Market:

Most script providers have no support system in place for affiliate business.

Impact of this feature:

Nobody is aware of everything from the day one and hence, hand holding is very crucial to start and run a business effectively and convert it to be profitable. While our strong domain knowledge is always available for you we also believe in making most operation of business automated so that you can focus on making your website bigger and bigger by effective marketing.


After having read 10 points above, you would now have recognized the complexity of cashback website and can evaluate each script providers more objectively.

As it’s evident, Coupomated has automated most aspects of business so that, as a business owner, you can focus on business development leaving all monotonous works to automated cash back script.

When you want to start a business, neve restricts your vision to what you see now, but see through walls and anticipate forthcoming demand and try to implement now. Coupomated cashback script is future ready, highly scalable and customizable for all future enhancements, automation to enable you adopt things before trend.

Now a day, it’s key to differentiate your business from others. Coupomated is only company who develop highly customizable and fit-to-customer business solutions.

It is important to keep operation cost lower to reach breakeven in shorter period of time and become profitable immediately after that. Now, this can be done by investing on automation initially and hence reducing running cost of the go. Thus, reach breakeven in really short time and enjoy better profitability.

Happy entrepreneurship!

P.S. Click here to request for quote for highly professional, scalable and robust cashback script.

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